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May 16, 2012
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If you couldn’t tell from my tone in their engagement session post, Amanda and Matt are seriously one of the most fun/laid back couples I’ve met.  Super natural in front of the camera. So much so that I really didn’t have to do any directing at all.

The weather when I got into Austin and when I left Austin was cloudy/rainy/dreary. But it seemed divinely planned that the day of the wedding, the weather was GORGEOUS. Sun shining brightly with pretty cloud scattered through a blue sky. It was a great honor to be able to capture the memories on one of their most important days. And honestly, I think I had way too much fun doing it. The entire day just flew by like a tornado.

Speaking of tornados, the only bad thing that happened during the trip was that our returning flight was delayed 3-4 hours because there was a tornado that touched down an hour away from Austin and we had to flight all the way around the storm system down to Mexico to get back home. But even that didn’t really dampen my fondness of Austin. Great food (My second and I hit my friend’s entire list of 20 restaurants to try all in 3 days. It was glorious), great people, great times. Now on to the pics:


These two pictures pretty much tells you the context of the wedding, Austin and St. Patty’s Day.



Amanda’s little sister getting ready to be a flower girl. =)




They had an awesome vintage typewriter for their guest list! What a great idea! =)

And of course I used it for their ring shots. =)


Amanda and Matt exchanged their personal vows to each other before the ceremony.

It was a GORGEOUS day. The week before it was raining (up until friday) and the day after (and subsequent week after) it was raining. Divinely planned? I sure think so. Oh and I think the best picture of the wedding that was taken the entire day is at the bottom of this set. =P

BABIES! They’re so cute!


aAnd… sometimes you need a break from showing all that emotion… =P


They had an awesome first dance. Complete with awesome dips.


“Now walk it out, walk it out, walk it out, walk it out”

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