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May 8, 2013
|  filed under: Engagement, Portrait

Hey guys! Had a really fun time with Alisyn and Matt. They were pretty freaking awesome and we hit it off right away. They were just so energetic and full of joy and happiness that capturing them on “film” was so easy. =) They travelled from Central-ish California to Capitola for their engagement session. The water, sand, waves brought them back to when they lived by the sea. We took pictures at some familiar locations and some new ones for me. Did you know Capitola had their own gondola??? I surely didn’t. =) Well on with the pictures.

We went on a weekday afternoon, so there wasn’t a mass crowd at the beach. We were able to take shots with angles that I’ve done before and some that I haven’t.

They decided they wanted to walk along the water. You can tell in one of the pictures that was water was typical NorCal ocean temperature (freezing).

Had a lot of fun with the pier. Totally helped that there was no one on the beach. =)

From the beach we walked to Shadowbrook Restaurant. It’s the restaurant with the gondola. We found a quaint little park and an old school Volvo on the way there.

Ah Shadowbrook. I totally didn’t know this restaurant was here. Totally didn’t know they had a gondola down to the restaurant. But makes for fun pictures. =D

Aren’t they just awesome together? All these pictures were taken with no direction from me. =D

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