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i’m harvey. i’m really into gadgets and design. these two seemingly unrelated interests serendipitously crossed each other because of one fateful event. i lost my point-and-shoot. and while shopping for a new camera, i decided to go big. i bought an SLR and fell in love with the freedom it allowed me to do with it: take beautiful pictures AND still be a geek.

photography didn’t open my eyes. it opened my mind. i could capture timeless moments, the natural beauty of fleeting expressions, and the emotional memories that one revisits when they flip through their wedding album. pictures of happy people during happy times – who doesn’t want that?

i can work with any setting. grassy fields, city streets, incredible city parks, and even parking structures. i like to juxtapose classic style and romance with urban life or simply complement natural beauty within God’s creation. it just depends on the mood.

i’m sure this isn’t the first wedding photography site you’ve visited. so, i encourage you to fully explore the style of photography that you connect with the most. and if you like my style, then i can’t wait to laugh and have a blast with you at your wedding.